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Thursday, July 8, 2010

30 minutes twice a week

This class is a challenge!  Not because the students are difficult, but because the one hour of English per week, is divided into two 30 minute segments... one on Thursday and the other on Friday.  The lesson no more than gets started and the period is over!  This is a challenge Johnathan and I are working on......

 Even though this group of students are a bit older, their English level in some respects is low.  So Johnathan taught the days of the week .... asking students to write a phrase and draw a picture of what they did each day of the week... Sunday through Saturday.

 Toward the end of the period, Johnathan had the students come to the front of the class and read to their classmates, what they had written.  Always interesting what teenagers write and in the process how we as teachers can gain insights into their lives.  One boy had written that on Thursdays he goes for dialisis.  Johnathan and I had helped him ahead of time with the word, since he knew it in Spanish, but not English.

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