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Monday, July 5, 2010

Present simple and present continuous

How does a teacher make English grammar interesting? Johnathan did a great job of introducing the concept of ¨Present Simple¨and ¨Present Continuous to this class.  The whole concept of, for example, I work at a store, but now I am working at a restaurant, is a Ttough concept to help students understand and master.
This visual in the students´text was very helpful!  For each individual in the picture, the students were to say a sentence with both the Present Simple and the Present Continuous.  The photos of these famous people helped!  For example.... Pavarotti sings opera, but in the picture he is playing soccer.

Jonathan caught on quickly to the concept of a five point lesson plan.  After introducing the lesson, he quickly moved the students into some guided practice of the concept.

The whole class guided practive, was then followed by some independent work.  Teaching grammar can be a difficult assignment, however, Johnathan made the lesson as interactive as possible, so as to help the students gain an initial level of mastery of Present Simple and Present Continuous.

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