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Friday, July 16, 2010

A cold week! It´s winter in Peru....

It´s the dead of winter in Peru, with the night time temperatures dropping into the low 30s. The secondary classrooms do not get sun until late morning ..... so the first classes of the day find their classrooms cold!  The Moray, named after the circular terrace agricultural system used by the Inca, can be a fantastic classroom on cold days.

¨Where´s your book?¨ Seems to be the question every teacher, everywhere in the world, asks at the beginning of class.
¨My book is at home.¨ Comes the frequent reply..... so the next response of the teacher .... ¨Can you share?¨
Eventually, everyone has a book or can share their book with another student.  Class can begin!  Let´s learn about English verbs!

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