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Monday, July 12, 2010

Days of the week lesson.... continues!

 The days of the week lesson continues into the second week!  What with Johnathan and I seeing the students at Pukllasunchis for only one hour per week, one good lesson plan can go on for a week or two!  Especially given the holidays and the special events at the school it is easy to see a class only once every two weeks.  

Since these students are just beginning to learn English, the emphasis is on vocabulary development and not on grammar .  So lots of visuals, lots of short sentences which the students can use and build on.  

Johnathan modles for the students on the whiteboard, what he wants them to do. 

Students use the model on the whiteboard to copy into their notebooks, and add their own individual ideas.  Here the students were to write what they did each day of the week and then illustrate the activity.

One activity I saw over and over and over ...... On Tuesday (or whatever day of the week) I play on the computer!

Student asking me, in Spanish, for the English word....

At the end of the period, each student would come to the front of the class and read to the whole class what they did each day of the week.

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DBlkCat said...

You just keep on surprising me with the pictures and your gift of gab. I do all of my taveling through your blogs. Keep it coming. You need to go back and do the 300 steps again , this one for me.