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Thursday, July 22, 2010

In June I........

As part of their homework assignment, this class was to write a sentence of what they, or someone else did durng each month of the year.  The students were to illustrate their work as well.

Some of the boys seemed to have forgotten about the homework assignment, so got busy and worked on it during the class period.

The girls on the other hand, came with their sentences and many of their illustrations already done!  Some were alittle strage, like the one above.... eventually the sentence read ¨In February my sister smells pizza.¨

One group of boys used technology to help them with the translation of Spanish words into English.

Very descriptive and the picture is cute!

Next week, Peru will celebrate its Independence ..... all week long in fact!
This was my favorite!

Johnathan reviewed with each student, their completed assignment.

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