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Friday, July 16, 2010

Calendar next...

This class had not yet studied the days of the week, so Jonathan began the class with a model written on the whiteboard.  He also included drawings, similar to what he wanted the students to draw in their notebooks.

This class tends to have...... let´s say, lots of energy!  So I spent a lot of time working one-on-one with students.
¨What´s the English word for nadar?¨This student asked me.  Looking at his sentence frame, I responded, ¨On Saturday I go swimming.¨

More Spanish to English assistance.

Keeping this young man on track was nearly my full time job!  When I looked at his paper, I got a clue why he was so, so active.  Check the paper below....
On Saturday........ he didn´t even have to write a complete sentence for me to know what he does ..... my guess is, Red Bull is not just the beverage for Saturday however!

When students had finished their work, Johnathan would go to the student and check the student´s book.  I noted to Johanthan that since this lesson on the days of the week, with specific drawings for each day, had been going so well..... we could next teach the months of the year.  This would build on the current lesson plan, and expand it.  For students to come up with something specific from Cuzco, or Peru for each calendar month would be a good learning challenge for them.

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