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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Co-Teaching: How to............

With the World Cup games going on, this group of students were not that interested in this lesson!  They all wanted to go and watch the games....  Who could blame them!

Johnathan, the Intern like teachers I'm Co-Teaching with, was not sure how to proceed with the lesson.  I wasn't sure either as I looked around the classroom.

As I scanned the classroom, the dress of these three boys caught my attention.  I commented to one that he looked like he rode a motorcyle.  No he said .... I'm part of a band.  I had my hook for the lesson!  I challenged the boys to write a song, using the vocabulary from the lesson.  They immediately took on the challenge!
With the remaining students, I quickly formed two more groups and asked them to decide what kind of standwhich they'd like to make.  One group chose a cheese burger and the other a chicken with cheese sandwich.  The groups will present to the class, next week, their song and their directions. 

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