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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Maybe I'll start teaching tomorrow!

Farmers, upset with the government for not having cleaned out the irrigation canals, started placing at midnight,  all types of debris on the Aveneda de la Cultura, one of the major roads leading into Cuzco.  This is the road all transportation takes (including the bus I ride to school in) to downtown Cuzco and locations in between. The farmer's idea was to bring attention to their plight,  by blocking all vehicle travel into Cuzco on this major road, therein bringing this part of Cuzco to a total stand still.

At 10 o'clock today, this major artery leading into Cuzco was empty, due to the farmer protest.  All schools, markets, and government buildings along this avenue were closed for the day.  The only way to get anywhere was on foot.

A group of poor rural farmers, wait along side the Aveneda de la Cultura for their protest march to the center of Cuzco to begin.

The farmers began their march to El Centro.... downtown Cuzco, picking up more and more protestors as they went along.

With schools closed for the day, students quickly turned the empty streets into soccer fields!  So I'm wondering .... Monday I did not get to teach, today school was called off for the day ..... so.... tomorrow my teaching assignment begins! That's what Ithink this evening.....  But then.... who knows what manana will bring!

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