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Sunday, June 6, 2010

What if?

 40 years ago when I was 21,
Uncle Same wanted me to go to Vietnam,
But I wanted to go to Peru with the Peace Corps
Although I'd never heard of it, I went to Mali.

18 years in Africa followed.
I traveled to over 20 countries.
And worked in six.

7 years my summers have been in Asia.
Teaching English 
Mostly in Thailand, but also Bali.

40 years later
I am now in Peru.

So what if.... 40 years ago...
I'd gone to Vietnam?
Or come to Peru for that matter!
How might my life be different today?
Would I have the same friends?
Have lived in the same town?
Have followed the same professional careers?

What if........

Like the lost mysteries of the Inca....
The "What ifs" of life...
Are all lost mysteries too.

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