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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Learning to tell time

Teaching students how to tell time, is one of those types of lessons that can follow the classic lesson plan model of inital student assessment of the concept, followed by direct teacher lead instruction,  which moves into guided practice and eventually independent practice.

My direct instruction completed, I moved the class into some guided practice on the whiteboard.

An added level of my guided practice involved students holding up the face of a clock and asking other students ¨What time is it?¨ In this case, it also helped this student stay a little bit more focused on the lesson!
Then it was time for some independent practice. I drew a series of blank clock faces on the white board and below each face wrote the time of day the students were to indicate on the clock.  The hour and half hour were pretty easy for students to do independently.  The quarter hour was a little bit more of a challenge.


Frank K. said...

I notice you had to copy and paste Pokllasunchis in your site, just as I had to. I don't know how you do it, keep up with all these languages you run into. Looking forward to your return in July.


Brad Malinowski said...


Wow! What a great adventure as usual. We miss you already.