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Monday, June 14, 2010

Drawing and Special Education Students

Art is great with general education students, but it is fantastic with Special Education students!  The school has full inclusion, meaning Special Education students are mainstreamed into all the general education classes.  I used my vocabulary lesson plan which incorporated processing  vocabulary through drawing, with Special Education students too.

The lesson was a big hit!  Two of the 12 students in this class were Special Education.  I´m guessing their processing delays might put them in a Multiple Handicapped Classroom in the States.

This student followed every step of my lesson, and frequently called me over to show me his work.  Oh he was so proud of what he was able to accomplish!  I was very impressed with the fact that he followed the lesson.... given it was in English. Drawing was a major key to his success.  Special Education students can touch one´s heart so quickly and so deeply no matter what country they live in.

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