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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Elephants in Peru?

So little is really known about the Incan Empire.  The language was oral, so no documents were written to give us real details into the lives of the Inca.  Yes, the Inca are known for their architectural wonders .... but even within these massive stone wonders, are secrets which even now, continue to mystify those who study and visit these stone marvels.

How did a carved head of an elephant make its way into the stone entrance to the Temple of the Moon in the Sacred Valley?  Before Columbus traveled in search of spices, had peoples from Africa or Asia already been to South America and brought with them elephants?  Or did the Inca themselves sail the world and were able to see elephants in Africa?  Asia?

How else would the Inca have known about elephants and what they looked like?

Much of this this elephant´s head, including the ears, was destrobyed by the Spanish conquistadores when they invaded and took over the Inca Empire. Directly behind me is the rock opening to the Temple of the Moon.

The Temple of the Moon.... inside the moutain, the Temple was carved.  The walls contain stone carvings of puma, condor and snakes.  In the vary back ot the Temple is what appears to be a stone carved alter.  The moon would shine through a hole in the mountain top, and cast its light on the alter.

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