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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Learning the rooms in a house

With the whole class, we brainstormed the names of the various rooms in a house.  Most often the students gave the Spanish name, which Johnathan would write on the writeboard along with the English name.  Once the rooms were named, we asked the students to identify the items one might find in each room.  Again, as I asked the questions and the students responded, Johnathan would write the Spanish and English words on the whiteboard.

To put this class generated information into practice, I drew the floor plan of a house on the whiteboard.  Each student copied the floorplan, and was then to use the list of items we´d generated, to draw each item into the rooms on the floorplan, What made this even more fun, was when we asked students to come to the whiteboard and draw the items into the various rooms.  Students love to be the teacher and write on the whiteboard! 

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