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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Colors, shapes and numbers too!

This was a fun class.  First we started with numbers, one through ten.  Students had a good grasp of the numbers so we could move onto colors quickly.  Oh..... they had their numbers except ..... when we counted backwards from ten to one, oh my!  That was a real challenge for some of these students!

Learning the colors came next.  That too went pretty quickly.  Bruno, in the green shirt, had trouble staying in his seat, so needed a little extra attention!  From colors we moved to shapes .... triangle, circle, square and rectangle.  These too the students knew, except for some pronunciation problems that we worked on.

Next came the practical part, which all the students realy got into!  I would draw, for example, five squares on the whiteboard.  Next to each square I would write the color the students were to color that square.  I did the same for circles, triangles and rectangles.

As I moved throughout the classroom, checking for understanding, I could see again and again, the importance of students processing the new information through practice.  So often a student would ask me in Spanish, what color is brown? or pink? Not sure practice always makes perfect, but it sure seems to help.

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