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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Colegio Pukllasunchi

The school in Cuzco where I am teaching is called Colegio Pukllasunchis.  The school has about 800 students, kindergarden through high school.  Every year there is a waiting list of students, wishing to attend this school.
The school is built on a mountain side, with the kindergarden at the bottom and the high school classes further up the mountain side.  It's a real hike along the various paths, to get to the secondary classrooms!  A stream runs along the school on one side.  The stream also forms an important part of the curriculum, with students studying the various eco life systems that are part of this micro eco system.

Colegio Pukllasunchis has an educational philosophy that embrasses the whole child and through this approach seeks to help develop a well rounded student.  Helping students develop a strong individual awareness of their own responsibilities as well as abilities forms the first cornerstone of the schools approach to education.  The second cornerstone is academics.  Extra curriculiar activities are key to much of the education of the students.        

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