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Monday, June 14, 2010

English through art

Fun class using art as a way of building new vocabulary.  After writing ¨mountains¨on the whiteboard, I asked students to  draw mountsin, then two  rivers, five fish... and so on and so forth. 

First I would write the word on the whiteboard, i.e. two houses, three men, six ducks ... the students would try to translate the words into Spanish ..... then I would draw the items into my pictures so students had the auditory as well as visual presentation of the new vocabulary.

Art can be a very powerful teaching tool for English language learners. Not only do they hear the word spoken by the teacher, they see how it is written, and then they are able to process the new word through their drawing a picture of the word.  When the students finished, they had fun showing the pictures they´d drawn to other students.

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